Cleaning Services Tailored to Your Needs

COVID-19 Disinfectant

Keep Your Customers and Employees Safe
Bonus’ professional disinfection services include...

§ Electrostatic sprayer, pump or battery sprayer, or manual spray process
§ Use of hospital grade, EPA registered disinfectants
§ Adherence to CDC guidelines including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

High traffic touch areas for disinfection services include items such as...

§ Light switches
§ Handrails
§ Elevator buttons
§ Door handles and entryway doors
§ Restroom faucets and dispensers
§ Phones, keyboards and mouse devices

Service Specialties


Our customized cleaning specifications are tailored to meet the needs of commercial and professional offices that need a more health focused office cleaning program. Your office environment will become a cleaner and healthier workplace which helps reduce the spread of illness and infection amongst your employees and visitors. A clean facility also makes a good impression on employees and visitors.


Medical offices contain illness causing germs that can spread through for days. A custodian service that provides a hygienic focused approach can assist in reducing the spread of infectious disease and illness causing germs.  With specialized training, hospital grade disinfectants, state of the art equipment including micro-fiber technology, Hepa Vacuums with four levels of filtration and a focus on touch surface disinfection. 


Bonus will bring out the very best in your store’s appearance. Our team of experts can help enhance your store’s aesthetics by providing a clean, well-lit shopping environment. We offer partial and full store cleaning packages and services that will turn heads and keep them coming back to you. We make sure your store is always spotless and ready for customers by providing professional services.


Here at Bonus we take a health focused approach to our school cleaning services. By creating a personalized cleaning specification that is tailored to your school's needs, we ensure there will be no surprises by providing what you need when it is needed. You can expect a consistent and conscientious cleaning service at each visit. Our goal of helping you maintain a healthy educational environment is never compromised with us!


Bonus specializes in keeping your facility clean and healthy. We use hospital-grade disinfectants to properly clean high-touch points in your fitness center or gym.  Our Health Focused Cleaning Program focuses on cross-contamination areas, as well as hand sanitation. By working with us, your fitness center can focus on what it does best – getting members in shape and helping them stay health.


No matter how hard you try, the popcorn and spilled soda keeps piling up in your movie theater. Why not let a professional company do it? Movie theaters can get messy fast, especially when you’re juggling sticky soda and spilled popcorn. That’s why we have movie theater cleaning services. With regular cleanings from Bonus, we deliver quality and a dependable service. we have the perfect cleaning plan for your movie theater!


Looking for a dedicated cleaning program for your religious facility? Bonus knows how important your place of worship is to your congregation. We created a dedicated cleaning program churches. Bonus wants to help you provide a bright and shining beacon for your community. We know how important it is to your congregations that their places of worship shine, so we’ve designed special procedures and products focused on the special needs of sanctuaries, chapels, and temples.


 Cleaning industrial settings requires special certification and experience. Not every custodial company has the experience it takes to tackle grimy machinery, greasy equipment, and tough jobs in manufacturing or industrial settings. Bonus experienced cleaning teams can handle any environment. Our Certified Industrial and Manufacturing Cleaners know the best cleaning products for an array of surfaces, tiles, hardwood floors and steel. You can rest assured that your space will be thoroughly cleaned.


Banks and credit unions should be clean, attractive places of business. Bonus gives you a million-dollar clean that requires just a fraction of the cost. Our valued customers receive the benefits of regular professional maintenance – but at affordable rates. We specialize in services for financial institutions ranging from bank branches to ATMs to credit unions and more. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to maintain your facility in top form – so your clients will keep coming back for more.


You have a construction project and you need it clean. More dirt and dust than you can handle? Call Bonus Services. Contractors throughout Texas depend on us to remove all the dirt, dust and debris left behind by construction crews. We’ll return your work site to move in ready.


You need to keep your government facility clean and presentable for the people and communities you serve. We are committed to delivering well-appointed cleans for all levels of government. With our priority on quality services, we can guarantee a result that is always on time and responsive to your needs. 


Our professional cleaning and polishing service can tackle any floor surface. Whether tiled, slab or stone, with our cleaning solutions and specially designed machinery we can bring out the very best in your hard floor surface. We will make sure to apply a lasting finish to protect your floor for many years!


As a property manager, you have many responsibilities and your tenants need to feel comfortable with the vendors you choose. Bonus cleaning provides a custodian service for property managers that will help your tenants feel comfortable while reducing cleaning costs.


Protect your investment with a complete cleaning from Bonus, the most trusted name in chemical cleaning products. Qualified carpet vendors agree that our proprietary carpet clean system is the best way to ensure optimal care. We offer reliable carpet cleaning services that are guaranteed to last.


When your dealership is part office, part garage, and part showroom, you need cleaning products and services that get the job done for all of these different areas. Bonus  offers cleaners who are specially trained to deliver spotless results in every space in your dealership.


Day porter services are designed to complement your current housekeeping program while allowing you to meet your businesses needs. Using trained technicians and specially designed equipment, we deliver professional cleaning and hygiene services. Our approach ensures that facilities service providers, managers and owners have the knowledge they need to make critical maintenance decisions.

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